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News, Studies and Links

03/27/2012 - Drinking 100 Percent Fruit Juice is Associated with Improved Nutrient
Intake in Children and Adolescents

FRUIT JUICE NUTRITION & HEALTH (SUMMARY) - International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers (IFU)
Scientific & Technical Commission - Prof. Helmut DIETRICH

11/14/2011 - Heart failure patients with low vitamin C levels could be at higher risk of complications and may
also have worse long term outcomes, according to a new research

10/25/2011 - New Research Suggests Drinking 100 Percent Orange Juice Is Associated
With Improved Nutrient Adequacy and Diet Quality Among Children / PRNewswire via COMTEX

08/31/2011 - New research published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative
Medicine shows Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) packs a powerful immune punch.

04/11/2011 - New Research Finds Drinking 100 Percent Orange Juice is Linked to
Better Overall Diets and a Lower Risk of Being Overweight Among Adults

02/14/2011 - Anthocyanins may reduce risk of Parkinson's: Study.
A diet rich in anthocyanins may help lower the risk of developing Parkinson's disease, according to a new study.

12/17/2010 - Orange juice flavanone may benefit heart health: Study (

11/17/2010 - Antioxidants in orange juice could help lower risk of diabetes - the global diabetes community

09/10/2010 - Citrus compounds may reduce cancer risk: Study

05/10/2010 - Orange juice same as supplements for vitamin D: Coca-Cola study

05/10/2010 - Orange Juice is good for the Heart (Portuguese)

Natural Health - Magazine #33 - 2010 - Article about Orange benefits for health (Portuguese)

09/07/2008 - Benefits of Orange juice associated with sports practices (Portuguese)

09/07/2008 - Orange juice: an ally in controlling hypertension (Portuguese)

07/17/2007 - Flavonoids in orange juice make it a healthy drink, despite the sugar

08/31/2006 - Orange juice is better than lemonade at keeping kidney stones away

02/20/2004 - Orange juice fortified with plant sterols found to lower bad cholesterol in healthy volunteers

Studies and Articles

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition - Orange Juice

Fortification of orange juice with vitamin D: a novel approach
for enhancing vitamin D nutritional health
(news) (abstract)

HDL-cholesterol-raising effect of orange juice in subjects with hypercholesterolemia

Effect of orange juice intake on vitamin C concentrations and biomarkers of antioxidant status in humans

Florida Department of Citrus - White Papers

The white papers are technically-oriented documents primarily directed toward health professionals and researchers.

Beneficial Role of Citrus on
Immunity - 11/06
Bone Health - 8/06
Asthma - 6/06
Arthritis - 4/06
Brain And Cognitive Processes - 3/06
Inflammation And Associated Diseases - 9/05
Blood Pressure - 7/05

Additional White Papers
Glycemic Index And Glycemic Load related to Citrus (revised 10/27/06)
Fresh Citrus Fruit - Nutrition And Health Benefits 8/06

Brazilian Magazine of Hypertension- vol.16 - 2009

Influence of chronicle ingestion of Orange juice on arterial pressure and body composition - Nancy Preising Bonifácio and Thais Borges César (Portuguese)

Fruit Juice Facts Org

A resource for information on the benefits of 100% fruit juice.

Nutrition Data

Detailed nutrition information, plus analysis tools that tell more about how foods affect your health and make it easier to choose healthy foods. Contains one page dedicated to orange juice only.

University at Bufalo - NY

Eating foods containing flavonoids -- orange juice, in this case -- along with a high-fat, high-carbohydrate fast-food meal neutralizes the oxidative and inflammatory stress generated by the unhealthy food and helps prevent blood vessel damage, a new study by University at Buffalo endocrinologists shows.


Scientific Article:

University of Sao Paulo (USP)

Orange juice may help reduce LDL cholesterol levels and boost heart health in people with high levels of cholesterol, according to new research.

News: (


University of Auvergne - France

Scientists from the University of Auvergne (France) have found that 2 glasses of orange juice a day can lower blood pressure and cut the risk of heart diseases. The substance that causes these very positive effects is hesperidin.



Hesperidin and vascular protection

French researchers' study shows that hesperidin, the major flavonoid of orange juice, might be the responsible for its beneficial effects to the heart and vascular protection.