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Asian citrus psyllid found in Nogales, Ariz

Western Farm Press - 10/17/2011

Cary Blake

Oct. 17, 2011 2:09pm

The recent Nogales ACP find brings to 41 the total number of psyllids found in Arizona. Only one find was in commercial citrus (Yuma County). The balance was found in residential areas.

Prior to the Nogales find, psyllids were only found in Arizona in Yuma County, the state‘s largest citrus-producing county. Lemons are the area‘s top citrus crop. The county‘s latest find occurred Sept. 30. An adult female was found in a quarantine area less than one mile from Interstate 8.

"We have not detected anything more than the single adult which could have blown in from commercial or passenger traffic on the interstate," Caravetta said. "None of the other areas in Yuma County have reported any detection under very heavy and frequent trapping."

The ACP was first found in Arizona in Yuma County in Fall 2009. ADA and APHIS established quarantines in parts of Yuma County which remain in effect. The quarantines create requirements to move citrus in and out of the area.

The ACP was first found in California in San Diego County in Fall 2008. The insect has since been found in Imperial, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Orange counties. Quarantines are in effect in certain areas.

As the fall holiday season approaches, Caravetta says the Asian citrus psyllid is a reminder for the general public not to transport backyard-grown citrus or give the citrus as gifts.

"It‘s not safe to move residential citrus that has not been commercially processed (cleaned)," Caravetta said. "We‘re trying to discourage this behavior due to the threat it presents. This insect is so small but it carries such a powerful punch that can be very devastating."



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