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Spain: Hortas farmers change citrus crops for subtropical - 07/11/2012

<p><strong>Spain: Horta‘s farmers change citrus crops for subtropical</strong></p><p><br> Reinvent yourself or die. This is the premise that followed many farmers in the region of L‘Horta Nord, who before the overwhelming fall of orange prices have decided to go to the cultivation of tropical fruits, which are much more profitable.</p><p>Many farmers in the region have been replacing citrus crops for subtropical fruits. This is the case of Vincent Claramunt, delegate of AVA in Albalat dels Sorells, who grows persimmons in orchards that were previously engaged entirely in oranges. "Many of us have changed to the cultivation of persimmon as an alternative, because it is not profitable to only plant oranges. In fact, today there are many abandoned orchards in the region, about 25%, because we do not get enough to cover costs," says Claramunt, who warns that if in three or four years the situation has not improved "l‘Horta Nord will be a whole forest of abandoned fields."</p><p>Currently, persimmon cultivation is rapidly expanding in the towns of L‘Horta Nord, and throughout the Valencia province in general. This is because this subtropical fruit has reasonable prices and a growing demand that is bigger in European markets. According to AVA, last year alone the production of this fruit has increased by 17%, around 115,000 tons and the area for cultivation 20%.<br>&nbsp;<br>Other fruits which are growing in the Valencian countryside are avocado, kiwi and pomegranate. Avocado cultivation has increased 6% in the last year and kiwi has risen from 19 to 119 hectares in 2001. Pomegranate has had a marked growth with 16% more area in the Valencian countryside.<br>&nbsp;<br>Mediterranean climate<br>&nbsp;<br>In addition, the Mediterranean climate is not a problem since it is perfectly suited for the cultivation of these subtropical fruits. Specifically persimmons which require long warm summers and not too cold winters for flowering, benefiting the tree.<br>&nbsp;<br>Among the farmers of L‘Horta Nord they already know the subtropical fruits, especially persimmon, as the fruit to come. Fruits that are an alternative to maintain the orchards active and leave with dignity the citrus crisis.<br>&nbsp;<br>Source:;<br>&nbsp;</p><p><br>Publication date: 7/11/2012</p>