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CitrusBR releases statement about the 2015/16 Brazilian orange crop Brix situation

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São Paulo, July 2015


STATEMENT  - 2015/16 Brazilian Orange Crop Brix Situation

To whom it may concern:

The Technical Committee of CitrusBR would like to inform that during the processing of the early & mid varieties in the 2015/2016 orange crop in the State of Sao Paulo,  Brix results lower than normal have been obtained due to elevated levels of rainfall observed during the summer and autumn of 2015 in the Brazilian Citrus Belt.

Additionally, the weather forecast from several meteorologists are already predicting and weekly confirming that the influence of EL NIÑO will be observed in South America, from early September to January 2016. El Niño usually brings higher than the usual average precipitation for the citrus belt.

The 2015/2016 orange crop is influenced by severe weather conditions from October – December 2014, when draught and high temperatures were observed in the whole State of Sao Paulo, generating several blooms on the trees and also hampering an uniform development of the fruits.

The low brix is already being observed in the early & mid varieties, combined with the forecasts predicting intense rainfall for the citrus area of the State of Sao Paulo from September until the end of the year (due to EL NIÑO), does not bring expectations that the brix of the crop will be able to react and compensate its current profile so we expect this to be a below average brix crop in Brazil.

Nevertheless, we can confirm that the Brix of the NFC  produced and shipped during this crop 2015/16 will be fully compliant with the AIJN Code of Practice that establishes a minimum of 10.0. All the efforts will be taken to maintain the corrected brix of the NFC above 10.5.


Oséia Pereira Filho

CitrusBR Technical Committee Chairman

Representing: Citrosuco, Cutrale and Louis Dreyfus Commodities