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Orange Juice, Nectars and Still Drinks

Orange juice might be presented to consumer in three distinct forms:

Not From Concentrate (NFC): Juice that is directly pressed or squeezed and then pasteurized, without water removal.
Concentrate: partially dehydrated, from which natural water has been removed.

From Concentrate (FC): juice that has had water removed prior to transportation, with the product reconstituted to 100% juice from concentrate during the production process.

When there is less than 100% of fruit content in the beverage, it cannot be called "juice". From 25 to 99% of fruit content the beverage is denominated nectar, from which water and usually sugar and other components are added. With less than 25% we have the fruit drinks, ranging from 5-24% of fruit content.*

Source: Agroanalysis Magazine vol. 29 number 09, september 2009. Article "Como definir o suco de laranja" - (How to define the orange juice), by Antônio Carlos Gonçalves (Louis Dreyfus Commodities Quality Manager).



*These percentages are a global average, since the % of juice present in each orange flavoured beverage depends on the local legislation of the country.